Sallyanne’s Monthly Life-Changing Pick

Ultrasonic vibration * Ion care * Photon LED therapy * Thermal heating

MYSKINBUDDY is the ultimate facial solution combining 4 beneficial technologies to help achieve a clearer complexion, brighter and even skin tone, and a more youthful appearance.



Sallyanne is dedicated to the transformation of your skin using organic ingredients and non invasive technology, producing excellent results that you can see and enjoy throughout the many stages of your life.  It is Sallyanne’s mission to bring a new revolution The Bliss Method™ to your skin care and lifestyle rituals. Demystifying and delivering vital education and info to help you get the best from your skin all while having fun. Unveil the most beautiful version of yourself with Sallyanne and The Bliss Method™

Emotional Health

A positive sense of wellbeing has an effect throughout our bodies and our cells… negative thoughts do not need repeating and will set us up to fail.

Physical Health

You are what you eat! Your car will not run without good fuel and a regular service… why do you believe you can perform at a high pace and not nourish your body.

Spiritual Health

I believe yoga, meditation and breath work can set us up for the day and manage the stressors life throws us. It is how we react to the stress.

Sallyanne’s Tried and Tested Skin Care Must Haves’

Jade Gua Sha

Experience an ancient Chinese method of hygiene care. The gua sha tool was designed to improve skin both internally and externally. Peeling old skin to reveal your new, and better skin, as well as removing any impurities.


4 Cupping Acupuncture Face Massage Therapy Set

ANTI-AGING KIT – For Face, Eyes and Neck Skin Care. The Benefits are: Improves Collagen and Skin Toning, Reduces Under Eye, Forehead, Around the Mouth and chin Expression Lines. Improves Wrinkles, Laugh Lines, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Scars, Spider Veins and Firms Skin.


MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid Tint SPF 50 in Nude

Sheer tinted, lightweight oil-free SPF formula provides broad-spectrum sun protection.


MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum

A nourishing humectant blend to give skin a softening boost of moisture levels while neutralizing free radicals and helping to soothe irritation.


Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula

Dr. Ohhira Probiotics Professional Formula has identical ingredients to Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula but is fermented an additional two years – from 3 years to 5 years. The Professional Formula is tweaked during the fifth year of processing to provide organic acids that are more robust than those contained in the Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula.


MyCommunity Capsules, Multi Mushroom Support for Immune Response

A comprehensive formula designed to support natural immunity. This organic mushroom supplement contains multiple mushrooms including, but not limited to cordyceps, chaga, reishi, maitake, lions mane, and agarikon.


Pi Yoga Pants

EVERY DAY LOUNGE AND YOGA PANTS – Pi Yoga Pants is a premium lifestyle clothing company that offers sustainable clothes for yoga, travel, and the outdoor enthusiast.


Meet Sallyanne

Raised in England, Sallyanne’s passion for all things health, nutrition and beauty began at an early age. It was through her successful recovery from meningitis Sallyanne realized life was a balance between emotional, physical and spiritual health.  She firmly believes in cultivating the mind / body balance to create the ideal picture of health and beauty. Sallyanne empowers her clients to develop the skills they need to make health, skincare and happiness easy in a complex and stressful world.

Sallyanne is a pro in the skincare industry. Over the course of several decades she has successfully established her own clinic in the UK, an organic skincare range, became a brand ambassador, international trainer and keynote speaker. She continues to travel the globe learning and absorbing skills, whilst developing her signature skincare system, The Bliss Method™.

Sallyanne currently resides in healing mecca, Sedona, Arizona and continues to facilitate her work globally leading signature workshops and training programs for professionals and individuals alike.

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